We love our organic meat and our guests too. Many times guests ask us what is exactly organic meat and where do we source it?

According to EU policy written on their website www.ec.europa.eu. here are the essential guidelines on what makes organic meat:

  1. Organic livestock must be born and raised on farms.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to housing conditions practices and stocking densities to ensure that the developmental, physiological and ethnological needs of animals are met.
  3. Hormones or similar substances are not permitted unless as a form of veterinary therapeutic treatment in case of an individual animal.
  4. The feed of livestock should primarily be obtained in the farm where the animals are kept or from farms in the same region.
  5. Growth promoters and synthetic amino acids are prohibited.

To read for the full list of guidelines click here.

We are very proud to offer a choice of organic meat to our guests. Our mission is to provide great service, atmosphere,  and the best food. And to do that we go all the way. Our organic meat is sourced from UK, Rhug Estate which covers 12,500 acres extending from Gwyddelwern in the north, Carrog to the east, Cynwyd to the south and Maerdy to the west. They produce organic beef, lamb, chicken, pork, turkey and goose meat and have won many awards along the way.

  • Beef fillet with different sauces 
Image by Nolte Lourens  Photography

Image by Nolte Lourens Photography

  • Bison burger on fresh sesame buns and served with chips
Image by Nolte Lourens Photography

Image by Nolte Lourens Photography