Restaurant Zori goes green again: installation of our own wastewater treatment system.

Zori goes green again: installation of a wastewater treatment system.

Next initiative in our longterm plan to go green was to install a wastewater treatment system that would be beneficial for us, as a restaurant, but also for the nature. We were looking for a right product and found Aquamax Professional XL from ATB in Germany. The  AQUAmax® SBR wastewater treatment plant system from ATB is one of the most modern and innovative technologies of our time and a winner of many awards and prizes, such as: “Environment Prize of the German Federal State of Mecklenburg Vorpommern” (1999), “Austrian Environment Prize for Innovation” (2001); “Founder Champion of the German Federal State of Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW)” (2002), “Innovation Prize Market Vision OWL” (2003), “Potential Innovation 2004” of the Financial Times Germany, “Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year” (2004 + 2005), “Finalist Grand Prize of Small and Medium-sized Firms” 2005, Innovation Quality Mark "TOP 100" 2006...  

Bay of Vinogradisce, on Paklinski islands, is truly a piece of heaven and we should all made efforts in keeping it clean and beautiful for all our visitors.

Below are the photos of the installation process: